Meet the Chefs

For thus the Lord said to me: “Go, set a watchman; let him announce what he sees. Isaiah 21:6

Before I get into today’s table, I have some things on my mind, so scroll on down if you’re just here for the tablescape. When I read quite a while ago that Harper Lee’s long-lost sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird was finally being published, I quickly preordered it on Amazon. It arrived yesterday afternoon; I read most of it last night, finished it this morning, then passed it on to my mother.

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I tried very hard not to read, watch, or listen to anything ahead of reading the novel. I did not want to be subjective at all when I read the book; I wanted to read it with a clean slate. However, 2 days before the book arrived, I heard one small sentence on NPR, which I keep going on the car radio all the time. “Atticus Finch is a racist.” I was so mad that I heard that!

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Atticus Finch. Gregory Peck. In my mind, the two are entwined forever…one and the same. I will never think of one without thinking of the other. Forever a literary hero of mine, Atticus has always been right up there with Jane Eyre, Sidney Carton, and Chief Martin Brody. Is he still a literary hero of mine, or has he fallen forever?

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I now face the dilemma of what to say about the book. I have an opinion, but do I say it here? Do I want to spoil it for others?

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I’ll make my comments general and we can discuss things in more depth after you read the book. And, yes, do read the book. No matter what you hear or read ahead of time, I am an absolute believer in forming one’s own opinions based on fact, not on hype.

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Sometimes ordinary men who aren’t really heroes do heroic things. Sometimes men who are heroes are flawed, products of their time in both history and geography. Scout, who is now called Jean Louise, struggles with behaviors exemplified by her father and sometime boyfriend, Hank. She cannot reconcile what they do with their public personas.

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Is Atticus right in his thinking? Whether you put him in a 2015 context or a mid-1950s context, Atticus is flawed. Aren’t all tragic heroes flawed? That’s what makes them tragic, after all.

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On a more positive note, Harper Lee’s storytelling, while not as finely nuanced as in To Kill a Mockingbird, is delightful. Flashbacks to escapades of Jem, Scout, and Dill, with a great one thrown in involving Hank escorting Jean Louise to the dance, will have you laughing out loud. Peripheral characters in Mockingbird, such as Aunt Alexandra, are more fleshed out so that the reader gets a little more insight into their characters and what “makes them tick.” And like Mockingbird, Go Set a Watchman will be a book that I read again. It took me years of rereading Mockingbird to pick up all of the fine details…if I have even done that yet. I suspect the same will fall true of Watchman. Read the book.


I’ve not purchased anything new for tablescaping in quite some time, and I fell in love with these cute chefs when I was in Family Dollar the other day. I splurged and brought all of them home, except for the paper towel holder. All of the chefs wear red and white, so my color scheme was set for me. The tealight holder chef is the only one of the set who also wears blue, so I decided to use it as my accent color.


I first thought this guy was a spoon rest, but the tag said candy dish. I guess he can be whatever I make him!


Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that I had to have the salt and pepper shakers, does it?


I put my red Wal Mart plates on top of my Dollar General placemats. Of course, I wanted red to be the dominant color.


However, I wanted to use some blue also and I had in mind that these strawberry napkins would look good with the placemats. I really like the two together.


For my top plate, I chose my summertime appetizer plates, mainly because these include both red and blue in the design without being only red and blue since I don’t want another July 4 table.


Dollar Tree blue goblets and my everyday Chateau flatware round out the place setting.


The little chefs make a cute vignette on the kitchen table since I don’t have room for a centerpiece.


The little guy in the rear actually holds a pot scrubber. He can be a figurine if I want him to, right?


I put the candy dish in the center, and I was done.


I like my little chefs and it was nice to have something a little new for the table. Hope everyone has a great week of tablescaping, decorating, and reading!

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I am a retired teacher who has only recently taken up tablescaping and blogging. For more information, see my About Bev link.
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7 Responses to Meet the Chefs

  1. Rosie M. says:

    Love your chefs, Bev! You’ve matched them up well with your placemats and plates. How fun!!!
    Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  2. Johnette says:

    Cute table! My copy is supposed to arrive today, so we’ll have to talk after I’ve read it. 🙂

  3. Bev, love the table and little chefs! I found your comments on the book most interesting! I haven’t read yet. But I visited the Monroeville Old Courthouse Museum and blogged about it last week! It is all so fascinating and can’t wait to read! Wishing you a joy-filled Thursday!
    Blessings, Pam

  4. lulu says:

    As always your table has touches of fun. thanks for your book comments. Isn’t it interesting how the same character can be presented so differently?

  5. I recently caught a little bit of the “controversy”regarding the book. I need more details now. Your table looks lovely and I always appreciate how you set a pretty table in a thrifty way too. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. xo

  6. Carol says:

    I’m glad to hear your comments about this book. I did hear a lot of the negative comments and wasn’t sure I wanted to read the new book. You’ve changed my mind, thank you. Your tablescape is so cute with the little chefs taking center-stage.

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