More Chefs, More Wal Mart Beauty, More Bargains

Before I get into today’s table, I want to thank Kathryn at The Dedicated House for choosing my Makeup Madness table as one of her weekly features. Check out her great blog if you have never done so; it is chock full of beautiful and wonderful ideas!


Today I am continuing my chef theme from last time. I don’t usually use the same theme elements for two tables in a row, but today there is a method to my madness. The day after I purchased the great chef items from Family Dollar, I found these awesome chef plates at no other than my flea market! Of course, I had to pick them up and started planning my table immediately. Cute, right?


The back of these plates says Tabletops Lifestyles Pizza. Really cute!


The one drawback is that there are only 3 of them. I almost let that fact discourage me, but I recovered.


The same booth also had 2 plates in this chef pattern…no mark on the back, so I have no idea what the brand is. With 5 chef plates now, I knew that I could make these work.


I started with my square Wal Mart plates. Even though red would have looked good, I did not want to use the same ones that I used last time, so I chose the taupe. Present time flatware continues the playful mood. Are you wondering what I’ve done with the napkin?


I pulled out my chili pepper dishes (from Dollar General on clearance a few years ago) because I wanted to use something else with the red color. I wanted to do something sort of different with them, however. I had chosen my Dollar General red and blue napkins to match the color scheme of the chef plates and accessories, so I folded up the napkin and tucked it in. I was really happy with the look and doing something different to show off the napkin.


Because I chose chili peppers, I had to use margarita glasses, didn’t I???


I have two different types of margarita glasses, so I mixed and matched them around the table.


I remembered that I had other chef salt and pepper shakers, so I searched through my storage tub and found these great old ones…very old; they may have even belonged to my grandmother.


This is the set that I was actually hunting for when I unearthed the others. Isn’t it cute?


I also love the way he almost perfectly matches the plate.


Of course, I had the Family Dollar set, but I could not find another set that would carry on my chef theme. I finally decided on Mom and Pop…I know, not exactly the look I wanted, but I was desperate.


Turning my attention to the centerpiece, I used the chef tealight holder, of course. The little short, squatty Family Dollar chef in the foreground is actually a holder for a pot scrubber. I think he is really cute as a figurine.


I chose red and blue pillar candles to continue the red and blue theme.


You remember that I have 5 chef plates now, so I decided to use the extra one as part of my centerpiece. Of course, I’ll take it off the stand and use it to serve food on when the meal begins.


I love my second chef table! Yes, it’s very similar to the last one, but different enough to make me not feel like I’ve done the same table twice.


In addition to the chef plates, I have recently found a couple of other bargains at my own flea market that I should be able to sell at my booth. These 2 Christmas plates are pretty cute.


I also found a set of 6 in this pattern. I think that dessert plates are perfect for those people who want to be festive but don’t want to have an entire set of Christmas china.


Do you love this vintage Hull piece? It is from the fifties and called a window box, worth about $12. I paid $2. Yep, you read that right, and it has joined my small Hull collection.


I found this cute set of canapé or appetizer plates. I will use them for tablescapes for a while and probably resell them sometime in the future.

Image result for white diamonds large bottle

My last bargain was my fav of the day! When I was working at the flea market a few days ago, a lady handed me this bottle and told me that she had changed her mind. I told her that I would put it back for her. When I looked closely at it, I saw that it was the large-size bottle of White Diamonds with a very small amount used out of it for $20. I also know the vendor and that he has been cleaning out his late mother’s things, so I know that there is no chance of it being fake. When my husband came in the flea market later on, I showed it to him and said, “I’m sure you pay more than this when you buy this for me, don’t you?” (I get it about every other year for my birthday or Christmas.) He laughed and said, “That’s about $45 worth.” Yes, it came home with me. White Diamonds is probably my favorite fragrance, or at least one of my top 2, tied with Giorgio Red.


To continue telling you about beauty products, I also need to update you on my most recent Wal Mart beauty box.


A full-size Revlon lipstick was in the box. Unfortunately, it is a color I don’t care for, but I was able to pass it on to my mother. I also got a coupon, so I should be able to purchase a color that I like.


How about this wonderful very large size of Vaseline lotion? It is actually called serum, but I will really enjoy using it any time that I would normally use lotion. I love it!


This minute sample of micellar cleansing water was actually dried up when I opened it. There was a coupon for that also, but I won’t be using it as I have not read any really good reviews of it.


This Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel moisturizer felt fine, but I was not impressed enough with it to change from my regular Oil of Olay moisturizer.


Also included was this sample of Burt’s Bees Renewal intensive firming cream. Unlike the Burt’s Bees sample in my last beauty box, I did not really care for it and won’t be purchasing it.


The last sample really surprised me. I had just received the generous sample sizes of L’Oreal total repair shampoo and conditioner in the last box, so why put the single application size in this box? Oh well, I like it and will use it, even though I will not purchase.


Last time I also mentioned that I had not yet tried the Jergens tinted BB cream, and now I have. I was my first experience with BB cream and still am not quite sure what it’s really for. I looked up several things online and saw that it could be used as a light foundation in the summertime, so I decided to try it like that.


The first day that I wore it, I noticed about half way through the day that I felt a very unpleasant, sticky residue on my face. Since I was working at the flea market that day ((no air), I chalked it up to the heat and decided that was the reason.


So I wore it again on a day when I was mainly in air-conditioned buildings and noticed that same unpleasant stickiness. It ended up in the garbage. I just had no desire to try it again in any other way, even though it might have been better. That stickiness just ended it for me.


I have used the single use samples of the Ken Pave shampoo and conditioner and liked it. However, as I mentioned then, I choose to buy expensive shampoo such as Nizoral or T-Gel to fight my dandruff and I am fine with the cheap VO5 shampoo from CVS when I don’t need the dandruff shampoo.


So that’s it for all of my bargains and the great new tablescape made with some of those bargains! Have a great week of tablescaping and bargain hunting!

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4 Responses to More Chefs, More Wal Mart Beauty, More Bargains

  1. vickyhunt says:

    Hi Bev! Cute dhcf dishes and tablescape! The Hul dish is so pretty. Is the inside aqua blue? Great find on the QHite DIamonds. Thats what my mom wears! I wanted to let you know I signed up for the Wal Mart beauty box and received mine a few days ago too. I got the same products you did. I was so disappointed the lipstick was so bright and not my color at all. I may keep it and tone it down with some of my gloss. Not sure yet. I will give my mom the lotion as I have a ton of it already and I think she may like it more than me. I am going to wait for the next box to arrive and if I am not thrilled with the products in that one, I will cancel my subscription. ANywho, have a wonderful week!

  2. What charming Chef plates. They are absolutely adorable!. Love your post this week.

  3. Candy S says:

    The chef plates and all of the charming chef accessories are as cute as they can be – darling table!

  4. Sherry says:

    Cute plates! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

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